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*Included in your P3 Academy Membership | taught by Matthew Ferry
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Mental Journey To Millions Workbook
MJM Live Workbook 2016 Edition
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MJM Session 4 Audio
MJM Session 5 Audio
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MJM Session 7 Audio
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MJM Session 9 Audio
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Course description

Is the Midas Touch real?

Can you develop the ability to manifest amazing results in your life?

Is it really possible to quantum leap from your current situation to one far more prosperous in one bold jump?

The answer to all three of those questions is yes! Using the techniques taught in The Mental Journey to Millions you can accelerate your business, start living your dream lifestyle and profit more than you ever have in your life. These are the techniques I used to escape the life depriving trap of working for someone else, launch my music career on the side and make hundreds of thousands of dollars part time and manifest working with some of the biggest most influential people in business as my clients.

I had to release being forceful and trying to make things happen. And I had to learn how to get inspired and cause things to happen. In fact, understanding the tendencies of the forceful millionaire vs. inspired millionaire is essential to accelerating your financial goals.

I bet you are naturally wired like an inspired millionaire, but you've been trained by those who use force to win in business and in life. Using force will make you feel like you are on the hamster wheel from hell. If that's how you have been feeling about making your most important projects go... then it's time to release force and adopt inspiration.

Mental Journey to Millions (MJM as we lovingly call it) helps you identify and resolve this internal conflict and gives you the tools to have a prosperous life, on your terms. Learn how to use these paradoxes do your advantage...

  • Slow down to speed up your results.
  • Go within to manifest massive abundance.
  • Give to others and receive everything you are looking for.

Watch now, as my good friend and long time student, Thach Nguyen and I co-present MJM in Seattle WA. It is recommended you review this course several times in a row. Then, you will need to review it at least once a year to keep your Inspired Millionaire habits working for you.

"I have grown more in last 6 months and learned more about myself with Matthew Ferry than I believed imaginable. He helped me align myself with who I really am and create an environment that supports what I am committed to and who I am committed to being - and from this place anything I want is possible. I am now in such a state of joy and so inspired by my life and the amazing things happen everyday. From this place my business has more than tripled and my relationships with family and friends are stronger and more purposeful than they have ever been." -Annika Lewis

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Matthew Ferry
Matthew Ferry
Coach, Trainer, Speaker, Best Selling Author

Known for his unorthodox approach, Matthew Ferry is not your typical author, speaker and coach. He is a revealer, illuminator & awakener whose point of view creates instant transformation in peoples lives. Since 1993 he has personally coached more than 8000 people to breakthrough performance barriers and achieve unparalleled happiness and success.

With tens of thousands of hours invested in the understanding of what causes a person to take the actions that will lead to success, Matthew has discovered a shocking truth; that happiness is the vital ingredient for creating success and NOT the result of achieving success.

As a global thought leader in personal transformation, Matthew Ferry has penned powerful books and life-changing training programs including Ridiculous Bliss, Transforming Fear Into Action, Mental Journey To Millions and The Gift.

If you are ready for a breakthrough, then Matthew Ferry's provocative, left field approach will inspire and empower you to take action on your most cherished dreams NOW.

Reviews (15)

Awesome program

by Steven Browning
I learned a lot about how success really works.

Thank you

by Kathy Letourneau
Thank you for sharing this with me. I have learned more in this past week about myself than I have in a lifetime. I can not think of anything that you need to change. May God continue to bless you and keep the desire to make a difference.


by Mindy Pengilly
Fabulous, and powerful, very powerful.
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Awesome program

by Steven Browning
I learned a lot about how success really works.

Thank you

by Kathy Letourneau
Thank you for sharing this with me. I have learned more in this past week about myself than I have in a lifetime. I can not think of anything that you need to change. May God continue to bless you and keep the desire to make a difference.


by Mindy Pengilly
Fabulous, and powerful, very powerful.

Mental Journey to Millions

by Christos Papanastasatos
Absolutely Fantastic program!!! Amazing, I finished the program yesterday. Looking forward to going through it again. Thank you Matthew!!!

by Roman Mamalyga
Great program. Has got me to change my thinking and perspective. Rather dated. 2016 vs 2007

P3 Academy

by Fernando Martinez
An absolute necessary essential needed to get into the bliss side of life verses suffering, one gets to learn that there are other ways to get what you want by simply contributing always, asking for what you want, and helping as many people as you can in the process.

Title is good

by Mike Hornby
The live seminar is great. You and Thach have a great rapport. Matthew you explain things so well and keep the audience involved. Your physical examples are great and really help project your message to the masses. Are you and Thach considering doing another evening this year or next year? It would be great to hear updates on people's breakthroughs, including yours and Thachs'

MJM Life Changing Experience

by Sam Dujowich
After completing the course my thought is that manifesting is the romance between our soul and the universe. Countless of miracles will be found thanks to the teachings in this MJM program. Thank you!

MJM review

by Fiona Foxall
Hi Guys, I liked the programme a lot, of course, it taught me a lot. If you want any criticism, it was that my time is always so shortened up that I found I didn't want to see too many people from your audience with their miracles talking about it too much, I wanted a bit of that, but kept wanting to skip through it. But of course it was great !!

Excellent Journey

by Matt Burgess
Thank you both for the great recording and information!

Mental Journey To Millions

by Lynn Paige
This program altered my thinking so dramatically I can not/would not return to my old way of processing. It is intense, in your face, funny at times, terrifying at times, and not for anyone satisfied with status quo. I am so grateful to make these changes in my approach to life and look forward to incorporating the next stage.


by Paul Spaulding
Fantastic seminar. Really explained a lot to me. I have heard of the drunk monkey before, but now I understand what it means. I will watch it again.

Transformational in every sense of the word...

by Ciji Siddons
The Mental Journey to Millions has absolutely transformed the way I look at life and therefore the experiences I have. I honestly wasn't sure what this program would be like but plugging into it everyday, listening to Matthew and Thatch, and going through the exercises opened my eyes to so many blind spots and filters that kept me stagnant. The awareness and insight that's come from these videos has drastically changed the mindset I go through my days with and because of that, I'm literally watching opportunity manifest everywhere. I feel like I'm living in a higher level of joy, fun, and ease and really just riding the wave of everything the world is giving me without having to force success or achievement anymore. Alot of my team is also working through this program and their insights and perspectives have shifted drastically within days of starting. So grateful for Matthew and Thatch for sharing so much of themselves in this series because it's absolutely life changing.


by George Lorimer
While I was doing it I realized that I am the creator of my experience. All the stories I make up are just stories anyway. I can choose the stories that empower me. Also, beliefs that support what I am wanting/intending. Also to accept people and I as much as I think I am right other people think they are right. And miracles are all around just notice.

Very accurate title. Everything starts with a thought.

by Willam Zygmant
It was a mind blowing experience. There were times during the program when I was annoyed, impatient, and exasperated, but ultimately wound up impressed with the truth of what was being presented and discovering how much I listen to my Drunk Monkey and how I can get out of my own way. I am feeling a shift in my perspective, and can see a change, small but definite, in my interactions with the people in my life. I am looking forward to continuing this journey.