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Vertigo Deluxe (2001)
Album Notes and Reflections
Vertigo Deluxe (Full Album)
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Energy Affirmations 1 (2001)
Energy Affirmations 1
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Energy Affirmations 2 (2003)
Album Notes and Reflections
Energy Affirmations 2 (Full Album)
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Love Explosion (2004)
Album Notes and Reflections
Love Explosion (Full Album)
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Reset Button (2011)
Reset Button Album Notes and Reflections
Reset Button (Full Album)
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90's Boy Band Pop Demos (1999)
Album Notes and Reflections
90's Boy Band Pop Demos
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Matthew Ferry
Matthew Ferry
Coach, Trainer, Speaker, Best Selling Author

Known for his unorthodox approach, Matthew Ferry is not your typical author, speaker and coach. He is a revealer, illuminator & awakener whose point of view creates instant transformation in peoples lives. Since 1993 he has personally coached more than 8000 people to breakthrough performance barriers and achieve unparalleled happiness and success.

With tens of thousands of hours invested in the understanding of what causes a person to take the actions that will lead to success, Matthew has discovered a shocking truth; that happiness is the vital ingredient for creating success and NOT the result of achieving success.

As a global thought leader in personal transformation, Matthew Ferry has penned powerful books and life-changing training programs including Ridiculous Bliss, Transforming Fear Into Action, Mental Journey To Millions and The Gift.

If you are ready for a breakthrough, then Matthew Ferry's provocative, left field approach will inspire and empower you to take action on your most cherished dreams NOW.